Expert Pool Restoration, Repair & Resurfacing in Riverside — Quality Work Guaranteed!

The team at Advanced Swimming Pools are experts in pool resurfacing and restoration. We can repair crumbling plaster, major cracks, exposed rebar, and other damage, and then refinish the pool using an AquaGuard 5000 system.

AquaGuard 5000 is known for manufacturing one of the leading pool coating system alternatives to plaster. Their systems are not only stronger and longer lasting than plaster, but they also create a smooth, beautiful, and durable finish. It even comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Additionally, as part of your pool remodeling project, we can change out pool lights; put in new tile, handrails, handicap chair-lifts, slides and ladders; change brick to tile; install and change out pumps, motors, solar panels, heaters, filters, and other equipment; and convert a conventional chlorine pool to a salt water pool.

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