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Pool Restoration & Resurfacing in Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Fontana, Corona, San Bernardino, & Surrounding Areas

Over time, a pool’s surface can become unattractive, cracked, and as rough as sandpaper. With our pool restoration and resurfacing services , we can give your pool a beautiful and smooth finish once again.

Our pool restoration services typically start with an on-site assessment to determine the condition of the pool and the goals of the client.

If there are leaks, breakthrough rebar, or deteriorating plaster, we’ll want to start by repairing those. We use AquaGuard 5000 systems, a two-part epoxy system that is the premier alternative to plaster.


Plaster is porous and dissolves over time, and most plaster companies do not offer warranties. In contrast, AquaGuard 5000 pool recoating and refinishing systems create a durable, even, and non-porous surface that comes with a 10-year manufacturers warranty.

Additionally, its smooth surface prevents debris, stains, and algae from adhering, so your pool stays clean longer and is easier to maintain. We offer AquaGuard 5000 pool interior resurfacing systems in 6 gorgeous colors.

Certified AquaGuard 5000 Applicator — Long-Lasting, Guaranteed Pool Resurfacing & Refinishing

Advanced Swimming Pools is the only pool services company in Southern California to have been trained and certified by AquaGuard 5000. We also have more than 12 years of experience applying their pool resurfacing and refinishing systems. This means that you can trust our pool repair contractors to deliver optimal results.

Pool Remodeling Services for Residents Throughout Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Advanced Swimming Pools also offers an array of pool remodeling services throughout Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Moreno Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, and nearby cities. We can replace & install pool lights, decking, ladders, handrails, pumps, motors, heaters, and other pool equipment and accessories.

We can also bead blast your pool’s interior tile to have it looking like new again, or replace your pool tile with the tile or stone of your choice. If you would like to enjoy a heated swimming pool without the high cost, we also install solar pool heating systems.

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Advanced Swimming Pools provides pool remodeling & resurfacing throughout Riverside and San Bernardino County. We’re available Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and can provide an estimate by phone or e-mail.

We also offer on-site consultations for a nominal fee that can be applied to a future job. Our team of pool experts includes highly trained pool technicians, and our owner has more than 35 years of experience. As a result, our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unmatched. Call us today to learn more about our professional pool restoration services.